A collection of writings.

Partly the collection for a book

that may never be completed


Partly the working notes

of theory in development


A long term work in progress


While currently just a wordpress reference, the plan to is create a site useful for research into the development and deployment of multistakeholder models (m17m) for governance.


Except where stated otherwise, or where other prior rights pertain to other works,  all the work in this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


The thinking processes leading to these writings on m17m have been supported at different times by many organizations including but not limited to:  Association for Progressive Communications, dotgay LLC, Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Secretariat,  Internet Society, PIR, Technicalities

site by Avri Doria

I owe this work to all the people I have ever spoken to, listened to or read, but all flaws are mine.

I have tried to give citations for any work that is derivative or quotes.  If I missed something, please let me know.  I know that sometimes I pick up ideas in email conversations and may lose track of exact origins of a kernel of an idea.


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