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Was abandoned

For a few years now, this poor site has been abandoned.

Ignored while I scrambled for support writing bespoke stuff.

Today I had to decide whether to renew or let it disappear.

Decided to renew.

So I better do something about it.

First thing is I will have to add stuff written in the last years.

Next thing is to read what I wrote before and see if I still think it is the case.

Maybe even write down some of the stuff running around the back of my brain.

If I have not done this by the next time the renewal reminder comes through, then I should probably let it go.

Definition m17m

Multistakeholderism is not difficult to define,

The study and practice of forms of participatory democracy that allow for all those who have a stake and who have the inclination, to participate on equal footing in the deliberation of issues and the recommendation of solutions. While final decisions and implementation may be assigned to a single stakeholder group, these decision makers are always accountable to all of the stakeholders for their decisions and the implementations.

It is just hard to live up to.




This site is part of my process of writing on Multistakeholder models.  My original intention was to write a book, but instead I have been writing articles and contributions to ongoing multistakeholder processes.  Maybe a book will emerge someday, but in the meantime I would like to share what I have been writing in a coherent (hopefully) manner. 

Conceptually multistakeholder models are being discussed in many fora and arenas.  In addition to my own work, I will collect pointers to other work on this subject.  I hope to create a site that is useful to all students and practitioners involved in multistakeholder models.