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Public Interest and multistakeholderism

One of the critical issues is the public interest.  What is it?  Who knows?  Who determines?

How are the many interest of the public  brought into a common public interest?

Many say they are working on it.  Some say it is their responsibility.  Others say it can’t be known and thus doesn’t exist.

It can be known. A primary advantage of multistakeholder models is the ability to find the public interest.  These processes. when allowed to run toward an outcome, produce a snapshot of the aggregated public’s view of its interest at a moment in time.  Often that can be a coordinated and balanced view.

Some argue that in Multistakeholder outcomes, only the intersts of the strongest are served.  This is not the case, though the strongest usually do better than others.

There are may types of strength.  Different actors are strongest at different times.  Also the strongest do not get everything in a multistakeholder process, everybody gets something in relation to their strength.

An example of this is NETMundial 2014, whose outcome document had something for every group, leaving every group irritated at how other groups had done.